Location for the Sybase Monitoring Tools Has Moved…

I know, this is a bit annoying, but when I realized that 4share site asks you to register in order to download files I’ve got a bit pissed off.  I did not read any warning that this will happen to those using the service (may have misread this actually).  But whether I was prompted and agreed to this or not – this is an unacceptable hindrance  (I am grateful to one of my friends to have pointed this out to me).

So, I moved the files to another location – my own domain which I have used for completely other purposes a couple of years ago (my another passion is photography, for which I have very little time today – the site is “about” to be reorganized for something like 4 years now….).

Anyway, here are the new links – this time no registration is needed to download the tools:

1.  ASE Monitoring (MDA) Tables Assistant

2.  A Simple Graphical Monitor for Sybase ASE

3.  ASE System Report (Sysmon) Parser

4.  ASE Frequent QueryAssistant

5.  ASELoadGenerator.

6. ResourceManager.

Sorry for the inconvenience.   This location is final.  Whenever the version of a tool will be updated, it will be uploaded to the same place…


ps.  The load generator tool / execution statistics analyser is well into the designing stage now.  I hope in a week or so I will be able to upload its beta to the site & update you so that you may start to download and use it.

pps.  The license file included in zipped archive is probably outdated.  You may download the new license file from here.




  1. For convenience, Frequent Query Assistant Tool download link has been added…

  2. Updates have been uploaded:
    SysmonParser: made compatible with ASE 15.7 threaded sysmon format.
    SysmonParser: option added to add all counters matching a specified string.
    MDAAnalyzer: Some minor GUI changes.
    ASECodePlayer: Added to the list of available software downloads.
    ResourceManager: Added to the list of available software downloads.

  3. Reblogged this on Andrew m. and commented:

    Links updated with documentation…

  4. juanbizzz · · Reply

    how can renew the license of sysmonparse ? already download the tool again but the license is invalid. Thanks for your response

    1. The license has expired. I will repack the tools later on and update them so that may be downloaded again.
      Meanwhile please contact me directly to get the new license file. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Stefan T · · Reply

    Hi Andrew,

    How can I get the new license?


    1. The license file has been added to the page with all monitoring tools – you may now download it from the same page.

  6. Not able to download the sysmon parser. please advise.

    1. The license file has been added to the page with all monitoring tools – you may now download it from the same page.

  7. Hi Andrew, my problem is not with the license file. The download for the sysmon parser never end. I try to download the other tool and it<s working fine for them.

  8. sorry, forget my last reply. thanks.

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