ASE on T5-4: The Countdown…


My new love has just been unpacked and installed into its lovely Sun (Oracle) rack…….


Just love it!  This cutie will be running 64 cores with whizzing 3.6 GHz….

It will use some of these for running IMDB (when the CPU clock speed meets abundant RAM the union is heavenly – or hellish)…

It is fearlessly small, compared to its M5K (or event more M8K) predecessor….

Once the union of Sun and Sybase was close to divine…

Today Sun is no longer Sun and Sybase is no longer Sybase.  Both have been gobbled by giants with agendas not necessarily in line with what Sun/Sybase engineers might have planned.

Still, from the stress-tests I have done once on T4 vs M5, T5 must really shine.  I am so, so eager to start dirtying my fingers with this project.

Never felt more exited!

Cheers to all…


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