Monthly Archives: March 2015

ISUG 2015 – Here We Come….

Finally the tickets are in my pocket and I may start arranging the suitcase… Hope to see you all at ISUG 2015 conference to take place in Atlanta! See the details here:   ISUG-TECH : ISUG-TECH Conference, 2015 : Content Landing Page For all those interested in ASE (and other ex-Sybase) technology this the place to […]

SAP ASE 16.0 SP01 Hits the shelves… A brief introduction.

SAP issued the SP01 release for ASE 16 a couple of days ago. Having done so, SAP continues with its stable pace of release-a-quarter for its ASE product: 16 SP0 PL1 24.04.2014 16 SP0 PL2 01.07.2014 16 SP0 PL3 04.09.2014 16 SP0 PL5 15.12.2014 16 SP01 PL0 17.03.2015 SP01, however, is a major release – at least […]

Sybase (SAP) DBA or SAP (Sybase) DBA Cockpit?

Sybase has been in SAP hands for almost 5 years now.  What did it mean to Sybase DBAs?  Did we (if I may reference myself) experience any difference?  Do we feel better or worse?  Did it make any difference at all for Sybase DBA community in general? In my opinion, 5 years is a sufficient period […]

SAP Sybase Tools: License Update (2015)

Throughout 2015 too, there have been continuous request for the new license for the tools I have posted here in the past.   I am sorry for not being able to repack all the collections available here with the new license at this time as well as roll up the version updates for the tools. […]