Introduction to SAP HADR with Jeff Tallman

We are planning to organize a webinar on SAP HADR. For those unfamiliar with the product, SAP HADR is a disaster recovery solution for SAP ASE users. Traditionally, SAP Replication Server has been used to provide SAP ASE mission critical DBMS systems with disaster recovery plan. SAP HADR runs on top SAP Replication Server, but takes both the product and the solution a step further. SAP HADR is both simpler to set up and faster performing.

SAP HADR is not a new product, but it is still not widely known and a webinar on it will benefit SAP ASE users. Especially if presented by top experts from SAP like Jeff Tallman. I would venture to say it may benefit decision makers outside SAP DBMS world. You are welcome to spread the word and invite others to the webinar.

The webinar is planned to take place on May 22, 2018, 1 pm (Melbourne time). Details will be posted here in close future.

You may direct any questions regarding the webinar to me.

A side note to SAP Replication Server fans: SAP HADR has in no way replaced SAP Replication Server or made it redundant. There is still a wide variety of topologies that SAP Replication Server can cover while SAP HADR cannot. SAP HADR caters to the public hungry for standardized HADR solution with two (or more) DB nodes running in synchronous or a-synchronous replication mode with a ready made fail-over mechanism. SAP Replication Server can be customized much further and can cover a wide variety of additional scenarios on top of that. Having said that, SAP HADR is an evolving product. It evolved from a two node (16.0.2) to two+ nodes (16.0.3) solution. There is no reason to believe that it will not develop further. But that is the topic reserved to the webinar.

Happy learning.

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