For those interested, I have been working with Sybase for more than a decade:  ASE & RS mostly.  It has been always a nightmare for me to find tools that will help me to manage/monitor the systems that will fit precisely my needs.  I don’t like rounding the corners.  When I need something, well, then I need something sirrah.  There are tools around (some free, others pricey).  Sybase has its own tools (Central, SCC).  I like tools that are simple and stupid.  I love creating these.  As an ex-poet (eh?), there is some degree of creativity in this.  I love being creative.  This blog is new, as you may have realized.  I hope that with time I will be able to share with you a lot of tools/scripts/tips that I have been able to accumulate throughout my career.   Being frank, I cannot guarantee that I will persevere.  Time will show…

Andrew Melkonyan @ LinkedIn


  1. PR Chauhan · · Reply

    I had install ASE15.7 on linux. now i want make odbc connetion on window.but am not getting driver for make odbc. please help me.

    1. You need to get and install ASE client on your Windows host. This will provide you with the drivers you need.

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