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ASE 16 or ASE 15.7 – This is The Question…

For those considering to move up the ladders from their current ASE release (whether it is ASE 12.5.x or ASE 15.x) there are, obviously, two possible migration alternatives:  ASE 15.7 & ASE 16.   To make the decision more tricky, SAP has stamped both with the same supportability badge:  both have the same EOL dates somewhere […]

Transformables: From Warm Standby to Active-Active MSA with Zero Downtime…

How often in your career do you have a chance to dismantle the old architecture in its entirety and build it again – completely redesigned?  Usually, a company upgrades the hardware once in a three-four years cycle, while the “backbone” architecture outlives the hardware upgrades and lives dozens of year intact. I have been “lucky” to […]

ASE on T5-4: The Countdown…

Whew…… My new love has just been unpacked and installed into its lovely Sun (Oracle) rack……. Just love it!  This cutie will be running 64 cores with whizzing 3.6 GHz…. It will use some of these for running IMDB (when the CPU clock speed meets abundant RAM the union is heavenly – or hellish)… It […]

Linked Server: ASE DBA Survival Guide for the Dead Protocol

Linked server is a well know protocol available in MSSQL server that allows, inter alia, making remote servers (SAP ASE among them) visible within MSSQL so that the remote objects may be accessed locally from withing MSSQL.  It achieves this visibility by bridging MSSQL and ASE over either ODBC or OLEDB connectivity drivers. Unfortunately, it […]

ASE 15.7 Migration – A Rertospective

Years ago, still running on the old good 12.5 binaries of ASE, I remember coming across the article named “Top 10 Reasons for Developer to Upgrade to 15.0.”  I recalled it recently why working on yet another migration project which entered a crucial stage of decisions and questionings:  “Why should we upgrade at all?  We […]

ASE 15.7: A Fight between Cheetah and Rhino…

It has been quite a long time since I have been able to write anything in this public space.   The reason is that I have been completely absorbed by one of the most exciting projects I have been managing for the last couple of years:   moving the largest ASE site in the country […]

ASE 15.7: Threaded Kernel vs. Process Kernel: Throughput Variance

I have just finished performing a controlled analysis of general performance differences for ASE 15.7 running process and threaded kernel mode on various platforms and hosts (RHEL running on Dell Xeon chips, Solaris running on SPARC M, SPARC T  and x64).  Although there are quite a few differences, the following image tells the story of […]