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ASE Profiler: Release Update –

For all those who downloaded and started to use this tool please note:  I have released an update that optimizes quite a few things in the tool. The top limit of the number of servers displayed in the monitoring screen has been raised to 100. Added the possibility to display only the last sample in […]

ASE Profiler: ASE Monitoring in the Age of Big Guns

There is still something missing for me as a practising DBA. Imagine I face hundreds of servers and I have to see all of them from a particular perspective. You’ll say – “easy, any monitoring tool today has it” and you will be mostly right. Imagine I want to monitor things that make sense to me and to me alone. You’ll say, again – “easy, most of the monitoring tools today have this capability” and almost certainly you will be quite right again. Now, imagine I want to be able to investigate events retrospectively by inspecting every single metric MDA has to offer me in case I miss the fun of being there where things happen? You’ll say – “well, bro, some of the monitoring tools can show you some of the waits and stats back historically, but usually you’ll have to rely on your own MDA collections” and you will be quite right again.

This one is a killer: Sybase ASE Load Generator, Sybase ASE Execution Statistics Analyzer, Sybase ASE Code Player &c…

Remember the teaser I published a couple of weeks ago?    I have been finally able  to compile a reasonable “beta” version of the tool.  This one is really fun (not that the earlier tools were NOT fun, but this one is just that – FUN).  I have been using a much more simple version […]

Location for the Sybase Monitoring Tools Has Moved…

I know, this is a bit annoying, but when I realized that 4share site asks you to register in order to download files I’ve got a bit pissed off.  I did not read any warning that this will happen to those using the service (may have misread this actually).  But whether I was prompted and […]

SYBASE MDA TABLES: 83 monTables, 1312 monTableColumns, and still counting…

Well, Sybase MDA Tables have been around for quite some time.  First released in (2003 it was?) with 35 “proxy” tables (as they were called then), they started to acquire more and more depth and precision.  Closing almost a decade by now (ASE 15.7) they have grown to 83 monitoring tables, spanning 1312 columns […]