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ASE 15.7: More Comparisons…

Some additional data you may find interesting.  This time we compare impact of the same workload on ASE 12.5.4 and ASE 15.7 – configured in threaded vs. process kernel mode. XACT/SEC: SP/SEC: PRIORITY CHANGES: CACHE SEARCHES: TEMPDB CACHE USAGE: DEFAULT DATA CACHE USAGE: THREADED VS PROCESS KERNEL – IO: RPROCMGR SPINLOCK: SSQLCACHE SPINLOCK: As promised, […]

ASE Migration Study: Prepared Statements and ASE 15.x

I have been silent for quite a while.  The reason for the silence is that I have been involved for the past two months in analyzing migration problems of two large local ASE sites.  Luckily, this is also history now. I decided to share with you the things discovered during the failed ASE 15 migration […]