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To repdef or not to repdef – this is the question…

                                                     ……And what judgment Would step from this to this? Sense sure you have, Else could you not have motion. But sure that sense Is apoplexed…                                                                   I am of late have been involved in a lot of tuning activity around replication server.  Lots of things to tune.  Lots of hidden moving parts.  Complex creature (although […]

Sybase HADR: A glimpse at HADR option ported with ASE 16 SP02…

Now that SAP ASE comes with it own brand-new Always-On option it is worth having a closer look at it. Below is a peep-view at Sybase HADR Option. HADR has three basic components:  ASE, RS and Fault Manager.  I skip the Fault Manager for the moment (although it reduces all of self-management to nil) and […]


I have been in this situation numerous times:  a customer has to upgrade its ASE server.  Decision makers sit down to negotiate possible upgrade paths. Downtime is measured for each.  Risks are carefully calculated.  The best upgrade path turns out to be using replication server for upgrade.  Zero downtime.  Perfect downgrade path.  Risk low.  Everyone […]

SAP & Simplicity: While Some Struggle to Embrace It, Others Are Fortunate to Enjoy It Already

Hey, Whoever submits a google search for SAP & SIMPLICITY will find himself/herself showered with conflicting opinions: SAP & Simplicity?  Prffff.  Give me a break…. SAP & Simplicity?  Yeah!   SAP embraces simplicity as a way of thinking!…. I have been exposed to some of SAP application packages.  From what I have seen there still are things to […]

Transformables: From Warm Standby to Active-Active MSA with Zero Downtime…

How often in your career do you have a chance to dismantle the old architecture in its entirety and build it again – completely redesigned?  Usually, a company upgrades the hardware once in a three-four years cycle, while the “backbone” architecture outlives the hardware upgrades and lives dozens of year intact. I have been “lucky” to […]

An aside: An Undocumented although possible way to perform ASE upgrade

Although this topic is also somehow related to upgrade issues, it is a bit different from the things I have posted before – and a bit more unofficial…  more “playful”… I have been challenged some time ago by one of my customers facing an 12.5 -> 15.7 upgrade deadline and being forced into a pretty […]

This Time I need Your Input: Replication Server DDL Change manager, eh?

Ok.  I have been busy for the last couple of weeks with all sort of projects (and family issues), but something has buzzed in my mind about the next tool I want to produce and post here.  This time this is something that has to do with replication server – or, more precisely – with […]