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ASE 15.7: Threaded Kernel vs. Process Kernel: Throughput Variance

I have just finished performing a controlled analysis of general performance differences for ASE 15.7 running process and threaded kernel mode on various platforms and hosts (RHEL running on Dell Xeon chips, Solaris running on SPARC M, SPARC T  and x64).  Although there are quite a few differences, the following image tells the story of […]

ASE 15.7: Threaded vs. Process Kernel Mode – Solaris/RHEL cross-tests

I am back with the comparative tests:  threaded kernel mode versus process kernel mode.  I have seen in  my earlier tests that process kernel mode seems to get slightly better throughput under the same workload.  On the other hand, I have also found that process kernel mode have shown certain types of unwanted behavior absent […]

Why I do not really like Oracle…

I have been working with Sun systems for more than a decade:  it has always been a pleasure to work with Sun – open-source packages, very good operating system, perfect servers – with a lot of alternatives.  A lot of documentation sources.  Any question you may have is easily answered.  Any package you are looking […]