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An aside: An Undocumented although possible way to perform ASE upgrade

Although this topic is also somehow related to upgrade issues, it is a bit different from the things I have posted before – and a bit more unofficial…  more “playful”… I have been challenged some time ago by one of my customers facing an 12.5 -> 15.7 upgrade deadline and being forced into a pretty […]

ASE 15.7: Prepared Statements and ASE Statement/Procedure Cache, Configuration Impact

So we are back with the same issue:   statement cache/procedure cache behavior under the stress of executing a high volume of prepared statements.   I have just finished another round of tests around this issue (which has caused quite a lot of troubles in the past releases of ASE) and I want to share and […]

ASE 15.7: More Comparisons…

Some additional data you may find interesting.  This time we compare impact of the same workload on ASE 12.5.4 and ASE 15.7 – configured in threaded vs. process kernel mode. XACT/SEC: SP/SEC: PRIORITY CHANGES: CACHE SEARCHES: TEMPDB CACHE USAGE: DEFAULT DATA CACHE USAGE: THREADED VS PROCESS KERNEL – IO: RPROCMGR SPINLOCK: SSQLCACHE SPINLOCK: As promised, […]

ASE Encrypted Column Options: Performance? Protection? Both…

I’m back again – with yet another ASE feature test. ASE Encryption option has been around for quite a while – since 12.5.3a.  I have been working for more than a decade in a financial institution which was  walking in circles around the question:  to encrypt?  not to encrypt?  In-house?  Application layer?  Third-party tools?  ASE […]

ASE Compression: IO or CPU, which worries you more?

When ASE 15.7 has been announced at 2010 Techwave, Vegas, most of the focus has circled around the new ASE kernel.   We have just started to taste the new ASE optimizer (introduced years ago and still feeling fresh, innovative) and …………. BANGGGGGG …………. another thing to wreck your head on:   threaded kernel.  Gosh! […]

To cluster or not to cluster: Why Sybase ASE CE/HA and Sybase Replication Server Warm Standby solutions do not really compete…

I have been asked recently by one of my customers:  We have out Warm Standby Replication solution, which is good.  But why should we not switch to cluster edition instead?… This is a question that often comes out:  which solution is better for a particular type of client?  Why should we use Sybase Replication Server […]

ASE Migration Study: Prepared Statements and ASE 15.x

I have been silent for quite a while.  The reason for the silence is that I have been involved for the past two months in analyzing migration problems of two large local ASE sites.  Luckily, this is also history now. I decided to share with you the things discovered during the failed ASE 15 migration […]