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Transformables: From Warm Standby to Active-Active MSA with Zero Downtime…

How often in your career do you have a chance to dismantle the old architecture in its entirety and build it again – completely redesigned?  Usually, a company upgrades the hardware once in a three-four years cycle, while the “backbone” architecture outlives the hardware upgrades and lives dozens of year intact. I have been “lucky” to […]


To cluster or not to cluster: Why Sybase ASE CE/HA and Sybase Replication Server Warm Standby solutions do not really compete…

I have been asked recently by one of my customers:  We have out Warm Standby Replication solution, which is good.  But why should we not switch to cluster edition instead?… This is a question that often comes out:  which solution is better for a particular type of client?  Why should we use Sybase Replication Server […]