……And what judgment Would step from this to this? Sense sure you have, Else could you not have motion. But sure that sense Is apoplexed…                                                                   I am of late have been involved in a lot of tuning activity around replication server.  Lots of things to tune.  Lots of hidden moving parts.  Complex creature (although […]

Now that SAP ASE comes with it own brand-new Always-On option it is worth having a closer look at it. Below is a peep-view at Sybase HADR Option. HADR has three basic components:  ASE, RS and Fault Manager.  I skip the Fault Manager for the moment (although it reduces all of self-management to nil) and […]

I have been in this situation numerous times:  a customer has to upgrade its ASE server.  Decision makers sit down to negotiate possible upgrade paths. Downtime is measured for each.  Risks are carefully calculated.  The best upgrade path turns out to be using replication server for upgrade.  Zero downtime.  Perfect downgrade path.  Risk low.  Everyone […]

Well, [SAP] Sybase has always been well known (and coveted) for its replication technology.  Sybase Replication Server is a well established, rock-solidly stable product allowing homo- or heterogeneous replication solutions or different types and topologies across most platforms.  But as opposed to other DBMS vendors (say Microsoft?) the solution was always kept separate from ASE […]

For those considering to move up the ladders from their current ASE release (whether it is ASE 12.5.x or ASE 15.x) there are, obviously, two possible migration alternatives:  ASE 15.7 & ASE 16.   To make the decision more tricky, SAP has stamped both with the same supportability badge:  both have the same EOL dates somewhere […]

Finally the tickets are in my pocket and I may start arranging the suitcase… Hope to see you all at ISUG 2015 conference to take place in Atlanta! See the details here:   ISUG-TECH : ISUG-TECH Conference, 2015 : Content Landing Page For all those interested in ASE (and other ex-Sybase) technology this the place to […]

SAP issued the SP01 release for ASE 16 a couple of days ago. Having done so, SAP continues with its stable pace of release-a-quarter for its ASE product: 16 SP0 PL1 24.04.2014 16 SP0 PL2 01.07.2014 16 SP0 PL3 04.09.2014 16 SP0 PL5 15.12.2014 16 SP01 PL0 17.03.2015 SP01, however, is a major release – at least […]


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