ASE Profiler: Release Update –

For all those who downloaded and started to use this tool please note:  I have released an update that optimizes quite a few things in the tool.

  1. The top limit of the number of servers displayed in the monitoring screen has been raised to 100.
  2. Added the possibility to display only the last sample in the monitoring screen, transforming it de-facto in a simple “health” dashboard for operators.
  3. Added an automatic change of color into red for any monitored metric that crosses a custom defined alert.
  4. Ability to add value marks to the graphs.
  5. Ability to take automatic snapshots as a background process.
  6. Improved performance for auxiliary stored procedures.
  7. Improves shortcuts.
  8. Improved memory consumption for the application (<20 MB of memory footprint for typical operation).
  9. Various cosmetic fixes.

I’d strongly recommend switching to the new version and reinstalling the auxiliary procedures.  It’s free.  Simply download the archive from here [ASEProfiler] and replace the one’s you are using.  Make sure the base name of the old ini file matches the name of the new binaries.  If the names mismatch the application will fail to load your old default values.

The latest release as of now it


I will continue to improve the tool.   Stay tuned.


One comment

  1. Hi ATM, we want to buy this ASE profiler tool for our bank, is this tool licensed or free ? and if it’s licensed, what would be the best price we can opt for 32 core production server.

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