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ASE Encrypted Column Options: Performance? Protection? Both…

I’m back again – with yet another ASE feature test. ASE Encryption option has been around for quite a while – since 12.5.3a.  I have been working for more than a decade in a financial institution which was  walking in circles around the question:  to encrypt?  not to encrypt?  In-house?  Application layer?  Third-party tools?  ASE […]

ASE Compression: IO or CPU, which worries you more?

When ASE 15.7 has been announced at 2010 Techwave, Vegas, most of the focus has circled around the new ASE kernel.   We have just started to taste the new ASE optimizer (introduced years ago and still feeling fresh, innovative) and …………. BANGGGGGG …………. another thing to wreck your head on:   threaded kernel.  Gosh! […]