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ASE Profiler: Release Update –

For all those who downloaded and started to use this tool please note:  I have released an update that optimizes quite a few things in the tool. The top limit of the number of servers displayed in the monitoring screen has been raised to 100. Added the possibility to display only the last sample in […]

ASE Profiler: ASE Monitoring in the Age of Big Guns

There is still something missing for me as a practising DBA. Imagine I face hundreds of servers and I have to see all of them from a particular perspective. You’ll say – “easy, any monitoring tool today has it” and you will be mostly right. Imagine I want to monitor things that make sense to me and to me alone. You’ll say, again – “easy, most of the monitoring tools today have this capability” and almost certainly you will be quite right again. Now, imagine I want to be able to investigate events retrospectively by inspecting every single metric MDA has to offer me in case I miss the fun of being there where things happen? You’ll say – “well, bro, some of the monitoring tools can show you some of the waits and stats back historically, but usually you’ll have to rely on your own MDA collections” and you will be quite right again.


I have been in this situation numerous times:  a customer has to upgrade its ASE server.  Decision makers sit down to negotiate possible upgrade paths. Downtime is measured for each.  Risks are carefully calculated.  The best upgrade path turns out to be using replication server for upgrade.  Zero downtime.  Perfect downgrade path.  Risk low.  Everyone […]

ASE 16 or ASE 15.7 – This is The Question…

For those considering to move up the ladders from their current ASE release (whether it is ASE 12.5.x or ASE 15.x) there are, obviously, two possible migration alternatives:  ASE 15.7 & ASE 16.   To make the decision more tricky, SAP has stamped both with the same supportability badge:  both have the same EOL dates somewhere […]

Sybase (SAP) DBA or SAP (Sybase) DBA Cockpit?

Sybase has been in SAP hands for almost 5 years now.  What did it mean to Sybase DBAs?  Did we (if I may reference myself) experience any difference?  Do we feel better or worse?  Did it make any difference at all for Sybase DBA community in general? In my opinion, 5 years is a sufficient period […]

SAP & Simplicity: While Some Struggle to Embrace It, Others Are Fortunate to Enjoy It Already

Hey, Whoever submits a google search for SAP & SIMPLICITY will find himself/herself showered with conflicting opinions: SAP & Simplicity?  Prffff.  Give me a break…. SAP & Simplicity?  Yeah!   SAP embraces simplicity as a way of thinking!…. I have been exposed to some of SAP application packages.  From what I have seen there still are things to […]

ASE on T5-4: The Countdown…

Whew…… My new love has just been unpacked and installed into its lovely Sun (Oracle) rack……. Just love it!  This cutie will be running 64 cores with whizzing 3.6 GHz…. It will use some of these for running IMDB (when the CPU clock speed meets abundant RAM the union is heavenly – or hellish)… It […]