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ASE 16 or ASE 15.7 – This is The Question…

For those considering to move up the ladders from their current ASE release (whether it is ASE 12.5.x or ASE 15.x) there are, obviously, two possible migration alternatives:  ASE 15.7 & ASE 16.   To make the decision more tricky, SAP has stamped both with the same supportability badge:  both have the same EOL dates somewhere […]

ASE 15.7 Migration – A Rertospective

Years ago, still running on the old good 12.5 binaries of ASE, I remember coming across the article named “Top 10 Reasons for Developer to Upgrade to 15.0.”  I recalled it recently why working on yet another migration project which entered a crucial stage of decisions and questionings:  “Why should we upgrade at all?  We […]

ASE 15.7: A Fight between Cheetah and Rhino…

It has been quite a long time since I have been able to write anything in this public space.   The reason is that I have been completely absorbed by one of the most exciting projects I have been managing for the last couple of years:   moving the largest ASE site in the country […]

An aside: An Undocumented although possible way to perform ASE upgrade

Although this topic is also somehow related to upgrade issues, it is a bit different from the things I have posted before – and a bit more unofficial…  more “playful”… I have been challenged some time ago by one of my customers facing an 12.5 -> 15.7 upgrade deadline and being forced into a pretty […]

ASE 15.7 ESD#4 on SPARC…

I have just finished the first round of tests of ESD#4 on Solaris SPARC platform.  I have to confirm:  the ESD#4 seems to has been finally vaccinated against wasteful reuse of the statement/procedure cache by “inappropriate” use in client-side code.  It looks like the painful experience of seeing ASE suffocating unexpectedly under the stress generated […]

ASE 15.7: ESD#4 Updates….

ESD#4 has been around for some time.  I did not start testing the conditions I am pushing the ASE into with this EBF for several reasons.  But now it seems to really be a pity I haven’t done so from the start.  After making a few tests with ESD#2 on Solaris x64, and after making similar […]

ASE 15.7: Threaded vs. Process Kernel Mode.

So, the threaded or the process?  Which one would you select on your next migration? There is a clear recommendation in Sybase documentation to use the threaded kernel mode.  This recommendation, though, is precisely the opposite of what Sybase ASE DBAs would have naturally selected.  I have spoken to several customers that consider to move […]